Did you go to Båstad in 1968? Get in touch!

[caption id="attachment_318" align="alignright" width="0"]Connie
Matthews, one of the Black Panther activists who lived in Scandinavia
during the 1960ies. Here in an interview in the Danish newspaper *Land
og Folk* from September
1969. Connie Matthews, one of the Black Panthers who lived in Scandinavia during the 1960-ies. Here in an 1969 interview in "Land og Folk".[/caption]

In the 1968 Davis Cup tennis tournament Sweden was pitted against
Rhodesia. The fact that the Swedish team where to meet that of an
apartheid dictatorship outraged a lot of people in Sweden and a protest
demonstration was organized to try and prevent the match from taking place.

During the spring of 2010 I'll be working on a radio documentary for
Sveriges Radio P3 about Båstad. In particular I'm interested in telling
the stories of immigrants who where there. Too often when the history
of the Swedish 60ies is told the role of non-swedes is downplayed.
Immigrants to Sweden during the post war decades are mostly thought
of in terms of unskilled work force immigration but seldom as participants who
actively shaped (or tried to shape) the political landscape of Sweden.

Where you in Båstad? Do you know someone who was there? Do you know
*of* someone who was there? Please get in touch! Call me on my cellphone
**+46709304030**, send me an email **oivvio@polite.se** or just add a comment to
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